Picture: Sveya van Kann

Virtual Studio

We have set up a mixed reality studio for the production of photos, films, broadcasts and live streams on the premises of our Hamburg branch.

By using high-resolution LED video elements, we implement virtual production as an alternative to the green screen process.


Faruk Heplevent
Picture: Faruk Heplevent

Window into a new reality

  • Realistic lighting and reflection effects via LED screen elements
  • Main characters see the virtual environment directly and can act and react with the content in real time
  • Synchronization of camera movements with the background

Efficient and sustainable

  • No travel expenses
  • No unexpected circumstances on set - everything stays under control, from the weather to the time of day
  • No complex post-production


Picture: KAEPTN
Picture: Timo Hille
Picture: Mercedes-AMG
Picture: mcmworldwide.com
Picture: Tempo Deutschland
Picture: Mark Forster/ Kim Frank
Picture: Faruk Heplevent
Picture: Schüco Deutschland


Thaddäus Walsch
Picture: Thaddäus Walsch

LED Shell

Our system consists of an 18m x 4.5m large and 180° curved high-resolution HiRes LED background with a pixel pitch of 2.6mm. The ceiling of the LED shell forms a 12.5m x 8m LED area with a 5mm pixel pitch. High light-output, mobile 3m x 3m LED walls with 5mm pixel pitch are available for flexible use for lighting.

Motion capture

Camera systems from OptiTrack are available for ultra-precise camera tracking.

3D composition

Photo-realistic 3D worlds are created by the use of realtime rendering engines, allowing for the change of perspective in real time.

Full Service

Sveya van Kann
Picture: Sveya van Kann

All-round support

From the idea to the finished product, we offer guidance and support for every step.

We implement finished concepts according to customer requirements or create designs to suit individual specifications.

We integrate existing content precisely into our technical environment. With our cooperation partners, we create new realities.